Saguache County Sales Tax Grant

What is a Sales Tax Grant (STG)? The Saguache County Sales Tax Grant was established through a ballot initiative that created a fund to distribute to individuals, groups and organizations to better the Saguache County community as a whole. It is derived from a 1% sales tax on most goods sold in Saguache County, and is distributed through a grant process determined by the County Commissioners.




What types of grants are funded?

Grant are awarded in three main categories:

  • Youth and Senior services and programs
  • Alternative Energy projects and/or business/job creation opportunities
  • Emergency Services, Public Health and Safety.

Note: The amount of funds in each category, and number and amount of requests in each category is public information, as is amounts awarded and to whom.

What size grants are available?

Grants range from $500 - $7,500

Grants are occasionally awarded for more, in particular to provide matching funds, which will bring other funding into the County, through the project. 

(Please remember your agency is only allowed to submit two (2) grants per cycle.)

Step by Step Guide to Completing the Saguache County STG Application Online

Step 1: Click the "Complete STG Application Online" button provided.

Step 2: Click the button titled "Edit with DocFly" in the top right corner. 

Step 3: Click "Fill or sign".

Step 4: Complete the application.

Step 5: After completing your agencies application select "Save""Export" and "Download".

Step 6: Submit your completed document at the bottom of the Saguache County Sales Tax Grant page. 

Saguache County Sales Tax Grant Timeline


The 2024 Spring Sales Tax Grant Cycle is closed and will re-open in Fall 2024.


Status message

The 2024 Spring Cycle Sales Tax Grant is closed and will re-open in Fall 2024.