First Responder Training & Exercise in Crestone

The Northern Saguache Fire Protection District (NSFPD), in cooperation with Baca Grande Emergency Services and with the support of the Saguache County Office of Emergency Management (OEM), will be conducting a functional exercise.

Outdoor Warning Siren TEST, 12PM Saturday, June 19, 2021

First Responder Exercise Saturday, June 19, 2021

Residents should expect to see emergency crews and fire trucks in the Town of Crestone and in the Baca Grande subdivision. First Responders will be placed into exercise scenarios at approximately 1:00 PM. The simulated emergency response will take place until 3:00 PM.

Functional exercises allow personnel to validate plans and readiness by performing their duties in a simulated operational environment. Functional exercises are scenario-driven and are designed to exercise specific team members, procedures, and resources (e.g. communications, warning, notifications, and equipment set-up).

The Saguache County Office of Emergency Management would like to remind residents that this is only a scenario exercise and not an actual emergency.


Media Contact:
Nathan Good, 719-588-1067, 
OEM: Bobby Woelz, 719-588-0197,

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